The College Unit of NCC has been started from August 2004. The total strength of this Unit is 108. It is divided in three years. So we are enrolling 36 cadets in a year. The cadets are very much disciplined and participating in all the regular activities, like parades, camps and social activities. They are appearing their “B” and “C” certificate exams. Avagage 60% cadets are passing in “B” certificate exam and 25%  in “C” certificate exam respectively. Our cadets are participating various camps, like CAT Camp, National Integration Camp, Trekking Camp, Army Attachment camp, Pre-Republic Day Camps and also Republic Day Camp. Approximately 30 cadets of our college unit  of NCC has been taken Jobs in Army in previous 5-6 years. 

Details of the Cadets, who joined Army/CRPF

            1.       Sgt Gaurav Kumar- BIH/SD-14125/05                    2.            Cdt. Maharana Pratap- BIH/SD-14136/05

3.    Cdt. Neeraj Kumar– BIH/SD-14155/06                   4.            Sgt. Thakur Manikant– BIH/SD-14060/06

5.    Sgt. Viplow Kumar – BIH/SD-14132/06                  6.            Sgt. Bittu  Kumar- BIH/SD-14019/07

7.    Sgt. Saroj Kumar – BIH/SD-14020/07                     8.            Sgt. Anuj Kumar – BIH/SD -14066/08

9.    Cdt. Deepak Kumar - BIH/SD-14077/08               10.          Cdt. Tinku Kumar - BIH/SD-14078/08

11.  Cdt. Sohan Kumar– BIH/SD-14079/08                   12.          Cdt. Pushkar Kumar– BIH/SD-14080/08

13.  Sgt. Bardraj Kumar – BIH/SD-14093/08                 14.          Sgt. Sitaram Sah - BIH/SD-14097/08

15.  Cdt. Abhilash Kumar – BIH/SD-14109/08             16.          Sgt. Avinash Kumar– BIH/SD -14113/09

17.  Bam Shankar Kumar – BIH/SD-14123/09              18.          Cdt. Rupesh Kumar - BIH/SD-14124/09

19.  Cdt. Abhay Kumar- BIH/SD-14125/09                  20.          Cdt. Ramesh Kumar Ray– BIH/SD-14004/10

21.  Cdt. Amit Kumar– BIH/SD-14016/10                    22.          Sgt. Santosh Kumar – BIH/SD-14019/10

23.  Sgt. Harishankar Chau.- BIH/SD-14020/10          24.          Sgt. Amrit Raj- BIH/SD-14023/10

25.  Cdt. Radha R. Tiwari– BIH/SD-14026/10               26.          Cdt. Arvind Kumar Jha – BIH/SD-14083/11

27.  Sgt. Sujeet Kumar– BIH/SD -14075/11                  28.          Cdt. Nilesh Kumar– BIH/SD-14078/11

29.  Sgt. Sanjiv Kumar Jha– BIH/SD -14054/11            30.          Cdt. Gangesh Jha– BIH/SD-14092/11

31.  Cdt. Satbir Singh- BIH/SD-14001/12                    32.          Cdt. Tinku Singh- BIH/SD-14002/12

33.  Cdt. Akash Kumar– BIH/SD-14003/12                  34.          Cdt. Harikant Yadav– BIH/SD-14030/12

35.  Sgt. Vir Pratap Rathor– BIH/SD-14068/13